An analytical hub for digital assets real-time data

ITŌ shares a set of metrics and tools that enables in-depth market analysis without having to address each exchange separately. But not any kind of metrics! Forget about the misleading raw data, as most of it is flawed. Building on cutting-edge analysis and innovative processes, ITŌ applies filters to produce reliable and clean metrics. ITŌ cares about data integrity.

Follow our lead for a more trustable input.


Trading volume is an essential metric to measure a given market’s activity. It is also a very polluted metric. ITŌ singles out clean exchanges, excluding deceptive exchanges such as those providing unreliable data or suspected of wash trading, to compute a term structure of fair traded volumes in real time, broken-down by exchange. In order to take as little risk as possible and to match a factual reality, all exchanges that are not safe are omitted. Our term structure aggregates sell and buy orders executed in a given period of time. It is live, continuously updated, and includes historical data.


A good way to estimate the value of a network is to monitor the volume of its transactions. But the Blockchain’s volume of transactions is a very polluted metric. In order to compute a term structure of fair transferred volumes in real time, ITŌ filters the recorded volume of transactions, removing those that are suspected of being processed by mixing services. It is live, continuously updated, and includes historical data.

ITŌ. Reliable data. Valuable data.